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We put our energy into building living spaces that are environmentally friendly, thermally efficient, and excellent value. We aim to build the most advanced cabins in New Zealand using some of the best performing products. Where possible we have used recycled raw materials. We have made our cabins out of this world.

  • Outdoor living. The Nova and Luna cabins come with a veranda decking built into the standard configuration. The Scout and Mars cabins have an option for a large 2m wide veranda with decking made using the same engineered exoskeleton we use on the main cabin, or you can opt for a simple decking in the same size. The cladding and decking are made with the same highly weather resistant composite materials for ultimate durability and carefree maintenance. Our verandas have a steel exoskeleton and are designed to meet the same tough requirements for weather resistance that our cabins meet. Vertical slats are also added to the front of the cabin with the veranda options creating a stylish façade. When the cabin is facing approximately North the veranda shades the harsh sun during summer but lets the sunshine through into the cabin during winter.

  • Our Cabins are three times more thermally efficient than a standard cabin built to the NZ building code. Our cabins are very efficient, and this is measured by the R Rating or R Value of the materials used in construction. The R-Value determines a material's ability to resist the transfer of heat (in and out). The higher the R-value, the more efficient your building will be. Our R values eclipse the NZ building code and meet passive house design standards. What this means, is a space that will require minimal heating and cooling all year round (if any). Remember, the building code allows for the minimum requirements; our cabins exceed these requirements by 330%!

    Structural insulated panels are filled with high density foam insulation. Walls and floor insulation have an R value of R4.5, The roof has an R Value of R6.9.

    All Space2 prefabricated cabins have high density foam insulation called Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation which is one of the most thermally efficient insulation products available. It is also one of the best performing soundproofing products.

    All our cabins come standard with Triple glazed glass providing superior insulation and noise reduction. The glass is AS/NZS2208 glass filled with Argon gas, warm edge spacers to thermally break the glass, and dual layer double silver low-e coating, all in a 39-44mm wide configuration. The U-Value range is 0.58-0.73 W/m2·K (R-Value >1.37). Our glass is 5 x the building code requirement of R0.26.

  • Our Cabins are designed and engineered to withstand NZS 3604:2001 E2/AS1 Extra High Wind Zone category.

    Composite timber is used as a timber alternative for cladding and decking. Our composite timber provides a greater life expectancy and is resistant to rot, mould, insect damage and will last much longer in harsh weather environments than timber. No maintenance is required other than cleaning.

    Structural insulated panels are used to create an airtight building envelope while achieving some of the highest performance levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. We achieve this with the use of insulated splines between all non-structural joins instead of using timber framing.

    Coastal resilience - Exterior metal fastenings and fixings are 316 Marine grade stainless steel, providing the best corrosion resistance. Perfect for seaside cabins and extreme weather locations.

    Seismic performance – Our specific engineering design (SED) steel frame wraps around the entire building and is then fastened into the structural panels. This is designed to meet earthquake zone 3 and can be further engineered for earthquake zone 4 if you would like to put it on top of Fox Glacier or Franz Josef.

  • One of the biggest challenges for keeping our environments at a comfortable temperature is managing the transfer of heat in and out of a building. The use of standard off the shelf materials and traditional building design does not serve to solve these problems. When the right materials are used with proven modern building solutions, we can build truly energy efficient buildings. We have achieved this in the design of our cabins.

    Airtight construction prevents heat energy from escaping out through unintended gaps in the building. This ensures reduced heat movement in and out of the building maintaining a comfortable climate. Our cabins require so little heating and cooling because of the high-performance building envelope.

    Premium high density foam insulation in the floors, walls, and roof, with insulated splines provide supreme insulation, reducing heat transfer. The efficiency of this type of insulation massively reduces heating and cooling costs year-round.

    When positioned approximately north facing with the veranda, the cabins shading design enables efficient use of the sun for optimum temperature control all year round.

    All cabins come with a heat exchanger ventilation unit which supplies clean and fresh air all year round while keeping the cabin temperature controlled.

    Triple glazed Glass – With a mind blowing 1.4 R value. 5 x the thermal performance for glazing in NZ.

  • New Zealand is linked in our minds with clean and green. However, we do not want to just keep it that way or even risk losing it. We want to improve the state of our environment. We want to lead the change to more sustainable building.

    Our Composite timber cladding and decking is made of recycled plastic bottles, reclaimed timber, and polymers. Each of our Cabins is made of over 15,000 recycled plastic bottles!

    Steel – Our steel is 100% recyclable and is made from recycled metals.

    Our materials are ordered to size direct from the manufacturers. This supply chain model hugely reduces our carbon footprint. It also means we have less waste than traditional building.

  • You will be safe and secure. Built to perform in New Zealand's extreme weather conditions and disasters, our cabins are built exceeding the New Zealand building code.

    Our engineered steel exo-subfloor is made from PFC structural steel beams which provide structural strength and engineering specification for Extra high wind zone and Earthquake zone 3. This means it can go places very few cabins have been before, in some of the most extreme locations in New Zealand.

    We asked our New Zealand engineers to design our cabins to be disaster proof. The design has enabled us to offer very strong and safe prefabricated cabins in New Zealand.

  • That’s right! Our pricing includes foundations and installation. Your foundation is included in the configurator when you choose your new cabin.

    Engineered foundations may be required to suit sloped or tricky sites or where the ground is unsuitable for standard foundations. We use a variety of foundation types and we choose the right one for your location.

    We use engineered foundations that allows the cabin to be removed from the foundation so the cabin can then be transported to another location when required.

    If you are unsure what best suits your situation, contact us to discuss the options.

  • We offer simple designer kitchen and bathroom packages, but we can also configure the options to suit your needs. The options in our configurator allows for the following:

    Designer Kitchenette available in black lacquer or white lacquer finished with soft closing doors and drawers. Floor and ceiling cupboards providing plenty of storage. Kitchen basin with Black or white colour matched faucet. Mini fridge. Instant hot water system. LED lighting. Ready to connect to services.

    Designer bathroom available in black or white complete with Toilet. Colour matched water-saver shower. Instant hot water system. Ready to connect to services.

    We can also install compostable toilets, macerator pumps and anything you need for the cabin to successfully operate at your preferred location.

    You will need a consent if you choose a kitchen and/or bathroom. We will help you with the process.

  • Choose from a variety of colourways on each cabin.

    Design inspiration comes from modern European minimalist design incorporating the use of environmentally friendly recycled products. We use these types of products for extra durability and to reduce the impact on our earth. The designer look of your holiday cabin will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

    An Extreme weather marine grade paint system is used on all steel.

    316 Marine grade stainless steel fastenings are used to ensure the maximum resilience to weather and deterioration. Ideal for a coastal cabin or an alpine mountain cabin.

    All our flashings and cladding systems are designed for extreme weather conditions. The flashings are made with oversize dimensions to meet the extra high wind zone requirement.

  • 3 designer interior colourways for your Space2 New Zealand made cabin.

    Our interiors are modelled on a minimalist look using stained or painted oriented strand board (OSB). It creates a really cool modern textured look. We offer a range of carpet and hard flooring options to match our colourways.

    We provide plenty of power outlet sockets which also have USB outlets built in. We will match the colour of sockets and switches to the joinery colour of your cabin.

    We have used simplistic design and that makes our cabins easy to operate. Smart lighting - Dual tone (White/yellow), Low voltage LED lighting with dimmer adjustment is standard in all cabins.

    Our windows and doors joinery is made from aluminium and features a broken-bridge design. A modern square profile not only looks sharp but fits our larger thickness 39-44mm thermal acoustic glass. All doors are lift and slide ranch sliders which provide excellent indoor/outdoor flow. Perfect for the New Zealand lifestyle.

    We provide storage options for the Scout and Mars cabins. A designer floor to ceiling wardrobe suite can be fitted providing enough room for hanging clothes and storing your treasures. The Mars 30 can have 6.5 square metres of wardrobe installed on the bedroom wall and the Scout 22 can have 4.8 square metres of wardrobe. The depth of the wardrobe is approx 600mm and is fitted with hangers and a simple storage drawer system along with shelving for general storage.

  • All cabins come with an electrical power box and can be fitted with a caravan type plug for running power from a 10amp 240v power supply.

    Our cabins come with fittings for waste and water services to connect to your existing service. You will need a plumber to ensure the connection is carried out correctly. Connection of services is not included in our pricing, but we will help arrange connection to services upon request.

    We can help you with design and installation of full off grid packages including Solar Power, compostable toilet systems and water collection systems.

  • Our Space2 cabins range from 10-30m2 and are built far exceeding the building code.
    All our designs are certified by a chartered engineer and come with an engineer’s producer statement.

    The building itself is not subject to building consent because it is a prefabricated dwelling and under 30m2. If you choose a kitchen and/or bathroom it may require a consent depending on your location. We can help you with the process.

    A bare cabin (no kitchen/bathroom) does not require any building consent and can be installed with no input from local councils other than we will need to check your location abides by any applicable planning requirements.

    There are many factors that need to be considered on the placement of the cabin on your property to ensure all council requirements are met and we will discuss these with you specific to your location.

    Councils across New Zealand have varying interpretations of the guidelines and also have specific rules that apply to their respective regions. The best way to know for sure what you can have on your property is to call your local council and ask them.

    We can take care of the whole consent process for you.

  • Space2 Cabins come with a 10-year building guarantee.

    A 10-year building guarantee offers coverage if you experience defective structural or weather tightness elements within a 10-year period after the completion of your building works. It provides much greater protection than both the Building Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.

    - All building work will be done properly, competently and according to the plans and specifications in your order

    - All the materials used will be suitable and, unless otherwise stated, new

    - The building work will be consistent with the Building Act and the Building Code

    - The building work will be carried out with reasonable care and skill

    - The cabin will be suitable for occupation at the end of the work

    In addition we offer extended warranties on our cladding, flashings and roofing. Up to 25 years in some cases.

  • Our Space2 Kiwi made cabins have been designed to perform the best in their set design layouts. As of 1st January 2023 we do not provide customization as an option. We can deliver our cabins to you finished to a level ready for you to customize. Contact us for options.

  • Delivery and Installation of the cabin on your property is included (provided we have clear access to get a truck and crane in). Sometimes there is going to be a unique, or tricky access or location requirement, so we will work together with you to ensure a successful delivery to your dream spot.

    Great things take time. We protect the environment, minimise transportation emissions, reduce wastage, and deliver high-performance cabins. We start with the best materials and they are not off-the-shelf products. In fact, they are custom made materials that feature some of the highest performance properties. To get all the superior qualities our unique cabins present at a similar cost to standard prefabricated cabins, we custom order the triple glazed glass, structurally insulated panels, and structural steel direct from the manufacturer. In the current climate the manufacturing and delivery times are longer than normal. We will keep you updated throughout the process, including emails to let you know when your materials have arrived, your build has started, and most importantly, when your cabin is ready.

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