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30m2 Cabin for sale NZ Space2 Mars The perfect Kiwi Bach

Mars 30

Mars is where living large meets living small with the latest in efficient design. Create your dream bach with the 23m2 veranda for the ultimate Space2 experience.

  • High density R4.5 insulated walls and R6.9 insulated roof
  • High Spec Finishing with composite cladding and decking for superior weather resistance
  • Triple glazed windows and doors for thermal efficiency
  • Recycled Materials including composite cladding and timber significantly reduce impact on the environment
  • Earthquake proof steel exoskeleton for superior strength
From $135,990 Delivered & Installed
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Mars 30
  • 30 m2 of useable internal floor space
  • Add Veranda to Create 53m2 Living Area
  • Designed for extra high wind zone
  • Triple glazed glass & premium insulation
  • 20,000 plastic bottles recycled
  • 1 or 2 partitioned bedrooms
  • 30 m2 of useable internal floor space
  • Environmentally friendly stained/wash finished interior
  • Full floor to ceiling European spec windows and doors
  • R5.0 – R7.6 Premium high-density insulation
  • Triple glazed thermal acoustic glass
  • Structurally insulated panels (SIPS) for walls, floor, and roof
  • Structural steel exoskeleton with marine grade paint system
  • Extra high wind zone specification for exterior
  • Heat exchanger ventilation system
  • LED lighting with dual tone and dimmer control
  • 240V/USB multifunction electrical outlets
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel fastenings.
  • Interior storage option available

MARS FLOORPLAN 30m2 - Shown with optional 23m2 Veranda

Mars floorplan
From $139,990 Delivered & Installed
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